Our Competitive Edge

  • High-Perfomance Printing

    Matt and gloss finishes, varnishes, metal effects to enhance your products on the shelves and increase your sales.

  • Customization to the limit

    Digital printing (the first Single Pass digital printer
    installed in Europe) allows minimum quantity print
    runs at much lower costs.

  • Waterproof Solutions

    Polypropylene packaging means that water is no
    longer a problem; washing tunnels, ice, water-ice,
    watertight containers.

  • Specialist Carboard

    Specially prepared for direct contact with food. Printing on all sorts of materials: corrugated cardboard, paperboard, plastic-coated cardboard, cardboard…

Total solution


Impresión sobre todo tipo de materiales

  • Corrugated
  • Paperboard cartonboard
  • Polypropylene / plasticboard
  • Solidboard


Trays; Packmaster; Twinbox (ready-to-sell packaging); cases; packaging with windows; cake boxes with lids; exhibitors (counter, stand-alone, POS); large containers for liquids; fruit containers; bag-in-box; bottle cases; bottle separators; trolleys with wheels; fruit and vegetable trays (UNIQ and column); trays for small fruit; tray sleeves; bundlers…


  • High-quality flexographic printing
  • Offset printing: conventional and UV inks for printing on any type of cardboard
  • Digital printing: maximum customisation
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A solution for each sector

Fruit and Vegetables

We make sure that fruit and vegetables reach their destination as fresh as when they were harvested in the fields.

  • Possibility of sending vegetables with ice or iced water .
  • Boxes prepared for hydrocooling and wash and disinfection tunnels
  • Unit containers adapted to new consumer habits.
  • Positioning: the value of your brand.
Novelties presented at Fruit Attraction 2017 S33mx tray: Double added value Airfruit: The container that saves times and energy Freshbox: Lightweight and water-resistant

Fish and Preserves

We study consumption criteria and tendencies of sea products to offer the best packaging solution for fresh and frozen fish, as well as for preserves.

  • High cold transmission in store chamber.
  • Airtight and insulating boxes to maintain the temperature.
  • High printing quality for frozen fish for promotional purposes.
  • From the fish market to the fishmonger’s: aopen box with ice, suitable for transport and display. Polyethylene paper lined boxes, suitable for contact with food.
  • Moisture-proof treatment antihumedad with biodegradable resins.
  • Suitable for hydrocooling, hidrocooling and wash and disinfection tunnels.


Today, consumers are choosing to return to the origins, to the traditional and the ecological, so the concern is to look for “homemade” or “healthy” labels on containers and reflect this in the design of the packaging of these products, given their service function.

  • High cold transmission in store chambers.
  • Containers prepared with insulating layers for ultra-frozen products.
  • Service function of the container.
  • Suitable for food contact.
  • Positioning: the brand value.

Wines and Cavas

Vine growers pamper their vineyards, taking great care of each stock, getting up at dawn throughout the entire season to obtain a good wine. We listen to them; they transmit all the characteristics that make it unique so that we can reflect this on the packaging.

  • High printing quality to enhance your products.
  • Different formats adapted to the needs of the wineries boxes for your automatic machines, or boxes for semi-automatic and manual filling.
  • Containers for 1 or 3 bottles with accessories (plastic or rope handles, personalised tie-on tags)..
  • Dual Bag in Box.

POS display, promotions and batches

We place attention on design and practicality, providing greater brand visualisation and highlighting the products at the point of sale. Wheeled packaging acts as an advertising support, making transport easier for end users.

  • Easy and fast assembly.
  • High printing quality to enhance your products.
  • Trolleys: advertising support for your product, sales on wheels .
  • Packaging with window.

Specialist in your product

Innovation and creativity in industrial sector packaging (pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, textile, furniture,…) are key factors to reach the two main tendencies in this field: differentiation and sustainability, with lighter materials, smaller and transportable formats, and materials that are recycled or come from renewable sources.

  • Containers with promotional function.
  • Boxes with internal immobilising structure for electronic products.
  • Use of high quality paper with matt and gloss finishes for cosmetic cases.
  • Photographic vision of the content.