Printing techniques

High-Quality Flexo Pre-Print and Post-Print

High-quality flexographic post-printing achieves an exact transfer of colours, producing perfect results at all times. It uses fast-drying water-based inks, allowing rapid printing. Ideal for long runs, offering good value for money.

Unlike post-printing, high-level flexographic pre-printing involves printing directly onto the paper rolls, producing an excellent finish because the surface is smooth.

Offset Printing

Using conventional and UV inks on any type of cardboard, our printing technology offers the widest range of technical options in order to differentiate your product. The advantage of offset printing is a clearer and more defined image, making it the best technique for photographic reproduction.

Digital Printing

The alternative for short runs and unlimited customization, essential for your marketing material. Digital printing (using the first single-pass inkjet printer installed in Europe) offers the shortest runs without the cost of electrotyping.



  • Single-pass print run without duplexing

  • Maximum plate dimensions: 1,260 x 3,600 mm

  • Photographic print quality (360 ppp)

  • UV inkjet inks

  • Industrial printing speed: 50 linear metres per minute


No electrotyping costs.

Allowing you to be more competitive by reducing costs and allowing unlimited printing changes without the cost.

Shorter delivery period and increased ability to react

Integration of the entire process, from design to embossing. No duplexing required.


Different models can be combined in a single order.

Inkjet technology.

No physical contact with the plate, keeping its physical and mechanical properties intact..

Reduction of minimum batches.

Either through the combination of models, or the use of a prefabricated plate.

Real colour testing.

Tests are performed in the actual machine, guaranteeing the results will be 100 per cent true to the design.

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