The power of collaboration to accelerate customer-driven innovation

In November 2021 the first Innovation Academy between Blue Box Partners (the European alliance gathering VPK Group, Klingele, Hinojosa and Cart-One) and HB Fuller took place in the Headquarters of HB Fuller (Lüneburg – Northern Germany), facilitated by Board Of Innovation.

This is the result of a collaboration that started between Daphne Vogelgesang-Deledicq (Chief Innovation Officer – Blue Box Partners) and Elizabeth Staab (Rigid Packaging Sustainability Manager – HB Fuller) early 2021 during Packaging Europe’s event: “Global Packaging Innovation Forum”.

Daphné and Elizabeth shared the same visions:

“When looking at new sustainable packaging solutions, collaboration is the only way to success” (Elizabeth Staab)

Discover the story behind the event, the process, the business cases and the results on the Packaging Europe Podcast. 

“The objective is to dedicate our knowledge and expertise for free to provide a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – allowing customers to accelerate their packaging development process and to move on to pilot phases” (Daphné Deledicq)

Hinojosa respondeThe power of collaboration to accelerate customer-driven innovation