Hinojosa, the first company in the packaging sector to obtain SDG certification by AENOR

  • The management model based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by AENOR recognises that the group’s strategy integrates sustainability into the core of the business.
  • This initiative follows the recent incorporation of Hinojosa into the United Nations Global Compact, the greatest global initiative on corporate social responsibility.

Hinojosa Packaging Group, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions in Southern Europe, has become the first company in the packaging sector to obtain AENOR certification, an award that recognises their contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This award certifies that the company integrates sustainability as an essential pillar in their growth strategy looking ahead to 2023. Moreover, the company has a system for sustainable management aligned with a widely accepted international reference, allowing the standardization and translation of its commitments to key interest groups.

With the goal of obtaining this certification, Hinojosa analysed the supply base and inbound logistics across production, distribution, use, and end of shelf-life of the products, to determine the SDGs at each stage of the value chain. After the analysis and taking into account the impact and influence of interest groups, Hinojosa has integrated the identified relevant SDGs into its strategic plan, through objectives and concrete actions for their execution.

From strategy to action

Since its beginnings, Hinojosa has been committed to a business model based on the circular economy. Their mission is to promote the common good with sustainable packaging solutions, through three key aspects: the reduction of its carbon footprint and an increase in the use of renewable energies; the development of socially responsible products; and the achievement of excellence in the training of all their employees.

The most important sustainable actions carried out by Hinojosa to date include: 95.6% waste recovery in 2021, the use of 98.9% renewable raw materials and 87.7% recycled materials; and the reuse of 100% of waste generated in the manufacturing of packaging.

Currently, the company uses 100% renewable energy for all its plants in Spain and wishes to extend this initiative to its international plants. In 2020, Hinojosa established the reduction of its carbon footprint by 30% by the year 2023, as part of its strategic plan. To date, the company has achieved a reduction of 26.1% through a number of different initiatives.

With regards to its commitment to people, the group developed 484 training activities in 2021, translated into 36,954 hours of training for employees. At Hinojosa, two out of three strategic lines of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are focused on the development of actions directed towards their employees, promoting the development of talent in a healthy work environment, and carrying out social and environmental actions to generate a positive impact in their surroundings.

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