Hinojosa records turnover of €644m in 2021

Organic growth and the incorporation of the French group Allard Emballages have been key factors in the 50% increase in turnover compared to 2020.

Hinojosa Packaging Group has closed 2021 with a turnover of €644 million, 49.7% higher than the previous year, when the company achieved sales of 430 million.

Increased demand for consumer goods, customer preference for sustainable packaging and the steady rise of e-commerce have been key factors in this year.

In a year characterised by significant cost increases in all industries and economic recovery, Hinojosa has continued to stimulate specialisation, innovation and sustainability, the key drivers of its growth.

Commitment to international expansion

One of Hinojosa’s main milestones in 2021 is the progress of its international expansion with the acquisition of the French group Allard Emballages. This will bring 4 new plants and more than 400 employees to the group, which will contribute to covering most of the demand of its customers in France, ensuring a flexible, agile and close service.

In addition to Graphicsleader joining the group in 2020, this milestone is part of the group’s international vocation to become a major player in the sustainable packaging sector in Southern Europe.

Sustainability throughout the value chain

Hinojosa promotes a positive impact on the environment and the communities in which it operates through a Circular Economy model. In 2021, the company reduced its carbon footprint by 40%.  The installation of the first solar photovoltaic plant for self-consumption at its Cordoba plant and the implementation of a biogas treatment system and a biomass boiler at its paper mill in Sarrià de Ter contributed to this.

Hinojosa was also the first Spanish company in both the packaging and paper sectors to receive ‘Zero Waste’ certification in two of its plants: Hinojosa Paper Alquería and Hinojosa Packaging Xàtiva, whose waste recovery is over 98%.

The group is moving to extend its decarbonisation and certification programme to other plants.

Innovation as a response to uncertainty

Hinojosa Packaging Group endured its commitment to innovation during 2021, with the development of Barket, a heat-sealable cardboard tray for the agricultural market recognised by the WorldStar Awards for the lower environmental impact it offers; and Ecogrip, an alternative corrugated cardboard solution to the plastic wrap used to bundle bottles.

The group has also innovated in promoting a pioneer Dual Professional Training Course specialising in Graphic Printing in Spain. This initiative aims to professionalise the packaging sector through specific training and to promote the immediate employment of the 25 students currently enrolled in the course.

75 years adding value to what we carry inside us

In 2022, Hinojosa will celebrate 75 years of history with a commitment to sustainable excellence with each customer, providing packaging solutions with flexibility and agility, adding value to their business and maximum satisfaction with their products.

Hinojosa’s shared purpose is to increase the common welfare with sustainable packaging solutions, driven by values such as a commitment to continuous innovation, closeness and a relationship of trust with the customer and excellence in all its activities.

Hinojosa respondeHinojosa records turnover of €644m in 2021