Hinojosa presents sustainable containers to preserve the freshness and flavour of agricultural produce at Fruit Attraction Fair

At the International Trade Fair for the Fruit and Vegetable Sector (Fruit Attraction), under the slogan “All the freshness and flavour in a sustainable package”, Hinojosa will present innovations in alternative packaging systems to replace single-use plastics and new developments aimed at optimizing stock management (just-in-time service) and promoting cost, energy and transport savings.

Sustainable packaging systems as alternatives to single-use plastics

Hinojosa will come to the trade fair with their latest proposals to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic in packaging for agricultural produce.

Heat-sealable Barkets for fruit and vegetables stand out among these alternatives. This is an innovative proprietary system with more than 100 million sales in the last two years and is already in large-scale distribution. Made of 100% cardboard, it has a fine layer of plastic as a lid, making it possible to both view and protect the product. It is easy to separate the two materials for recycling in the appropriate containers.

Halopack Octogonal is another innovation and the latest addition to the 360 Green Packaging range of sustainable primary packaging; perfect for ready-to-eat salads, fresh-cut fruit, and fresh vegetables. This is a cardboard tray laminated with removable plastic that can be manufactured with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP). This system reduces single-use plastic by up to 75%. Another great advantage is that it adapts to any type of production equipment without the need to change the moulding.

In addition, all these newly developed products can be accompanied by a display, allowing the product to stand out on the shelf.

Vegabox Easy will be another prominent product, as an innovative display container for fruit and vegetables; ideal for melons, watermelons, potatoes and onions etc. This new system stands out for savings made in assembly and storage time and the option for customization with the client’s brand image.

Just-in-time service to anticipate consumer demand

Consumer demand of agricultural produce is more and more unpredictable, thus being able to anticipate it is critical. To this end, Hinojosa is working in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence startups on the development of tools that can anticipate stock requirements.

At the same time, Hinojosa continues to believe in customer proximity, with a facility or logistical assembly centre always less than 30km away. This means that the client doesn’t need to have packaging stock in their stores.

Packaging that permits energy savings and cost reductions for the farmer

Lastly, when it comes to cost savings, Hinojosa aims for packaging with structural designs that reduce the chamber time of produce and increase capacity in transport and storage of fruit and vegetables. Developments may be made ad hoc with clients or may already be part of the packaging solutions portfolio.

More specifically, among these last products, Hinojosa will exhibit their wide variety of trays for agricultural produce at the trade fair, among which Airfruit, S23, S33mx and K33s stand out. Their innovative patented design allows a reduction in chamber cooling time and therefore electricity consumption; savings in space in the cooling tunnels and in transport; and improvement in food preservation.

Hinojosa respondeHinojosa presents sustainable containers to preserve the freshness and flavour of agricultural produce at Fruit Attraction Fair