Hinojosa Packaging Group presents sustainable innovations that avoid food waste and save on logistical costs at Conxemar 2022

Hinojosa Packaging Group will be at stand F14 of the event held in the city of Vigo from 4th – 6th October, offering solutions that are 100% recyclable and customisable to clients brands.

The fishing sector is currently facing many challenges in a supposed period of recovery after the global pandemic.

On one hand, logistical gridlock hinders the arrival of fresh products to markets, generating losses and negative customer experiences. On the other hand, market trends towards increasingly sustainable packaging are promoting alternatives to plastic, changes demanded by consumers themselves.

With the aim of responding to these challenges, Hinojosa Packaging Group will present solutions that are versatile, 100% recyclable and customisable to the needs of diverse customers in the sector at Conxemar 2022, the 23rd edition of the fair in Vigo from 4th – 6th October.

Through innovation, specialization and sustainability, the pillars of its growth, Hinojosa is committed to a portfolio that improves the quality of products, avoids food waste and saves on logistical costs.

Solutions adapted to customer needs

The 360 Green Packaging range stands out among the group’s offering at the fair; a range made up of sustainable primary packaging designed for direct contact with fresh food:

  • Halopack®: an alternative for sliced salmon, hake loins and prepared fish etc. Hinojosa is the exclusive manufacturer of this packaging design for Spain and Portugal, that eliminates single-use plastic by up to 75%.
  • Sumbox: a sustainable alternative to porex made of 100% recycled material, this system is airtight, waterproof and ideal for transporting ice and frozen products.
  • Cartoskin: sustainable packaging designed for products such as fish, meats, pâtés and cheeses, allowing the product to be vacuum sealed onto a cardboard sheet.
  • Hiliner: plastic-coated paper in a roll, ideal for freezing and available in different grammages.

A wide variety of special designs such as boxes for frozen langoustines, wild fish, aquaculture, and preserves will complete Hinojosa’s portfolio.

Hinojosa specializes in high-quality solutions to satisfy the needs of the sector. The group offers packaging with anti-grease and anti-moisture properties that are 100% recyclable and sustainable, as well as products with lower grammages capable of maintaining performance due to various techniques used in their production, thus reducing logistical costs. In addition, the group has the widest range of packaging in the Iberian market and has the highest level of agility and flexibility to adapt to customer needs.

During the fair, attendees can find Hinojosa Packaging Group at stand F14, where they can obtain advice from experts from specialist plants in the fishing industry such as Hinojosa Packaging Valladolid, Hinojosa Packaging Vigo, Hinojosa Packaging Graphicsleader and Hinojosa Packaging Xàtiva, according to the requirements and characteristics of their business.

A leader in printing in the Iberian Peninsula

Hinojosa Packaging Group facilitates the customisation of solutions throughout the Iberian Peninsula through 4 packaging plants that offer digital printing services and 5 plants with offset printing, a technique in which the company has over 125 years of experience.

Moreover, Hinojosa is the first company in Europe to incorporate single-pass digital technology, allowing to accumulate extensive experience and the capacity for large-scale digital production.

Hinojosa respondeHinojosa Packaging Group presents sustainable innovations that avoid food waste and save on logistical costs at Conxemar 2022