Hinojosa joins the UN Global Compact

The group consolidates its commitment to sustainable development, a value that is part of its DNA thanks to its circular economy model.

Hinojosa Packaging Group, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions in Southern Europe, has joined the United Nations Global Compact as part of its commitment to sustainable development.

The group thus joins the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative, which currently involves more than 20,000 organisations in over 160 countries, and has 70 local networks.

This implies that Hinojosa is committed to aligning its operations with the UN’s Ten Principles, meeting fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

To date, the group has been voluntarily aligning its growth with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an activity that is reflected in its annual sustainability report. It shows Hinojosa’s commitment to the environment, including advances to minimise its carbon footprint, guarantee sustainable management throughout the life cycle of its products and contribute value from its business to society.

Adherence to the Global Compact programme

Of all the programmes for companies that the Global Compact has at its disposal, Hinojosa has immediately adhered to two.

One of them is the ‘Climate Ambition Accelerator’, a six-month accelerator course that enables participating companies to move towards setting Science Based Targets (SBTs) in their transition to carbon neutrality by 2050, thus aligning with the Paris Agreement.

Hinojosa also volunteers in the ‘Early Adopters’ pilot programme, where companies will be applying the new Communication on Progress (CoP) methodology. It requires the reporting progress on the Ten Principles and the SDGs to be done through a standardised form via a digital platform, with a specific publication period, set between February 1st and May 31st each year. This will be mandatory for all Global Compact companies from 2023 onwards.

Commitment to sustainability

In line with its clear commitment to the circular economy, Hinojosa ensures the sustainable origin of its raw materials and the responsible management of resources throughout the production chain. One of the main indicators of this is its waste recovery figure, which in 2021 reached 95.6%, an increase of 6.2% compared to the last recovery figure presented. Likewise, 98.9% of the raw materials it uses are of renewable origin and 87.7% of recycled origin; in addition to reusing 100% of the waste generated in the manufacture of containers and packaging.

The vast majority of today’s food packaging is made from fossil-based plastic. In response to the growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly alternatives, Hinojosa has developed the innovative 360 Green Packaging line of primary containers, made from renewable materials.

In 2020, Hinojosa established in its strategic plan to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2023. To date, the company has managed to reduce it by 26.1% through different initiatives.

Hinojosa respondeHinojosa joins the UN Global Compact