Hinojosa improves responsible waste management with a recovery rate of over 96%

  • Its Circular Economy model allows it to reintegrate almost all of its waste as raw materials into the value chain.

Hinojosa Packaging Group, leader in sustainable packaging solutions in southern Europe, continues in its commitment to protect the environment. The company concluded 2021 with a 96,61% waste valorization score, a 4,08% increase compared to its previous score, 92,53%.

Hinojosa operates under a Circular Economy model, which minimises the generation of waste at source and facilitates its transformation into resources that can be integrated into an efficient secondary raw materials market. To this end, the company carries out continuous analyses of the situation to identify best practices and transfer them to the rest of its plants. Hinojosa will continue to develop this work in 2022.

Integrating partners into its circular model

Hinojosa works to deliver sustainable packaging solutions that add value to its customers’ businesses, to ensure maximum satisfaction with their products. The company actively collaborates with suppliers and management companies, verifying the final destination of waste and prioritising energy recovery or the reintroduction of waste as raw materials in the value chain. In addition, Hinojosa currently reuses 100% of the waste generated in its packaging manufacturing processes.


Pioneers in “Zero Waste”

Hinojosa was the first company in the packaging sector to be granted ‘Zero Waste’ status by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR). This certification is granted to organisations that recover more than 90% of their waste.

Currently, two of the Group’s plants have obtained this certification: Alquería de Aznar production plant (with a valuation of 98.86%); and the Xàtiva plant (with a score of 99.97%), both situated in the Valencian Autonomous Region. The group is working to extend this certification to other plants.

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