Hinojosa enters the luxury packaging market with the acquisition of Galería Gráfica

Galería Gráfica specialises in the design and manufacturing of high value-added folding boxes for industries such as fragrance, cosmetics, fine foods, wines & spirits. Making the leap into the luxury packaging niche market, Hinojosa heightens its commitment to provide a global packaging solution, through the acquisition of Galería Gráfica.

Hinojosa’s prime focus is to improve on customer experience, by offering a fully comprehensive packaging service. In this line, the group has just concluded the agreement for the acquisition of Galería Gráfica, the manufacturer of high-end, high value-added boxes. This specialization propels Hinojosa into the luxury packaging market, to pursue its aim to become a strong global player, well equipped to meet all the packaging needs of its clients.

Situated near Valencia, Galería Gráfica is a family company with 70 years of history. Its core values are largely shared by Hinojosa, including a clear orientation towards innovation, customer proximity and the quest for excellence that accompany all its actions. These values and an export drive have won the company a loyal and diversified customer base, consolidated through the years.

With most of its products targeted to the fragrance, cosmetics, fine foods, wine & spirits industries, the plant is equipped with the latest generation specialist machinery to deliver the premium service expected by its customers. Furthermore, the company is currently engaged in an ambitious investment programme to expand its production capacity, including the recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art printing machine with 9 colours.

In 2019, Galería Gráfica manufactured in excess of 120m folding boxes, with a turnover of 6.3m euro, an exponential growth compared to the last years. These results support the outstanding work carried out by a strong human team of 55, that are to become part of Hinojosa and its current management team, which will remain in charge of the plant after it joins the group.

Hinojosa’s bid for the global packaging portfolio

The packaging of their products has become increasingly important for brands, especially in the most premium markets such as cosmetics or fine foods. Therefore, it is in this context that Hinojosa’s proximity to their customer has enabled it to witness the growing interest for a specific type of packaging that are incredibly technical, differentiating, and of high added-value. This is an increasing demand that the group will meet from now on with the integration of Galería Gráfica, as well as strengthening its commitment to be the reference partner in the packaging service industry.

With this agreement, the group currently enjoys the widest range of packaging in the market, while it delivers solutions and assesses its national and international customers (Portugal and France in particular) in the design, technical characteristics, materials or the finest print finishes for their product.

Hinojosa respondeHinojosa enters the luxury packaging market with the acquisition of Galería Gráfica