Hinojosa and EFI Achieve the World’s First Fogra PSD Certification for Single-Pass Digital Printing

Impeccable packaging is an essential claim when it comes to attracting consumers and standing out from the competition. It is an essential marketing tool that digital printing is strengthening thanks to the flexibility, customisation and speed it provides. Hinojosa has firmly committed to this technology, together with its technology partner EFI.

In this context, San Cayetano, one of Hinojosa’s plants, opted for this technology in 2019 by incorporating the most advanced digital printer on the market into its production process, the EFI Nozomi C18000. Now, it has gone one step further and, in collaboration with EFI, they have achieved the Fogra certificate for the PSD standard (Print Standard Digital), thus becoming the first company in the world that specialises in packaging to receive it.

The Fogra certification, based on the ISO 12647 standard for digital printing, is a standard accepted by European and Latin American specialists that is given to companies from all over the world. Through the exact measurement of colour, it allows colour criteria to be homogenised. This way, it ensures that the colour of the print test and the final result in production is the same and identical in all packaging runs.

With this certificate, Hinojosa assures its customers the sustainability, accuracy and standardisation of the colour of their packaging over time, regardless of the number of packages and runs that are made. A guarantee that helps to strengthen its great brand image in the eyes of consumers.

The EFI Nozomi technical team, within the 360º Nozomi Advisory Support training programme, offers its customers the Nozomi Certification service with various industrial printing standards such as the Fogra PSD standard or the G7 by Idealliance.

These are highly demanding processes that include everything from the analysis of the raw material to the standardisation processes for graphic design flows and colour management. After the tests, if the client has successfully passed the accreditation tests, they obtain an Accreditation Certificate that verifies their printing process within one or several printing conditions.

A successful result from the close collaboration between EFI and Hinojosa

Up until now, this certification only existed for offset printing (ISO 12647-2) and colour tests (ISO 12647-7). Flexographic technology has been trying to achieve this certification for more than 5 years due to the high levels of demand. Achieving this certificate that values digital printing and verifies it as an industry standard has been the result of a close collaboration between BBP’s Spanish partner and EFI. In fact, Hinojosa is an international beta tester of EFI Nozomi C18000 printers.

Hinojosa’s extensive experience in both digital and offset printing, specifically in its San Cayetano plant, along with its flexibility in implementing new production processes and its close relationship with EFI, have been crucial to the success of this collaboration.

Hinojosa’s commitment to digital printing

Hinojosa has been one of the first companies in packaging solutions to make a decisive commitment to digital printing, which has allowed it to accumulate extensive experience and a large-scale digital production capacity. In fact, along with San Cayetano, three of the group’s other plants have this technology: Vegabaja Packaging, Hinojosa Xàtiva and Cartonajes Bernabeu.


Hinojosa respondeHinojosa and EFI Achieve the World’s First Fogra PSD Certification for Single-Pass Digital Printing