At Hinojosa we use virtual reality to help drive sales

It is a fact that many sectors have been drastically affected by virtual reality, and packaging is not immune to this trend. The adoption of this type of tools produces huge benefits both for the partner and for the brand seeking help. Visual Performance Go is a perfect example: it is a tool we can carry with us anywhere its needed so that a customer can see how their product will look like on the shelf. 

Thanks to this equipment we have helped dozens of brands. Are you ready to try it? Don’t wait before taking the first step and creating a foolproof packaging.  

Give us a challenge

Consumers spend an average of 20 seconds in front of a shelf with a window of to 5 seconds seeking a brand before making a choice. This fact emphasizes the importance of developing a good packaging strategy to the millimeter. 

Creating a powerful brand that turns your packaging into something more than just a simple wrapping, thats our real challenge. And one we like to takeIts final goal? It’s clear to us: it helps us create solutions bearing information that is clearer and adapted to the consumer demands. Let’s not forget these are emotional times and packaging is a powerful emotion stirrer. 

Now we have the challenge, let’s analyse the market trends

We analyse our sector and its market trends comparing your brand with the competition. These are the three main bases for the development you asked for. And with Visual Performance Go we manage, on the one hand, to achieve packaging solutions that go beyond the conventional and on the other, we ensure they will arouse the consumer’s emotions.  

Let’s not forget that the emergence of virtual reality has enabled access to more flexible creation processes, but these demand a specific material that can only be provided by top cutting-edge companies:  you need the right software, virtual reality glasses and more importantly, the technical knowledge needed to be able to advise the brands that choose to drive the design of their packaging under the wing of new technologies.  

Did you know 90% of purchases are made while on autopilot?

Here at Hinojosa we are well aware of it, so once the prior analysis has been completed we proceed to the design of new packaging proposals so that the 16 seconds’ average time a consumer spends walking down the aisle be enough for them to find their product. In order to achieve this, we look at every aspect: the packaging colour, its shape, the most suitable material for each type of product and the messages conveyed by the brand. 

If we achieve a perfect message conveyed by the emitter and sought by the receiver, then we will be able to solve a big part of the challenge.  

You will be able to see what your product looks like in all detail without even leaving the office

One of the main advantages of Visual Performance Go lies in the fact that it is a mobile tool that replicates the existent surroundings. This allows us to work on the proposals and apply them in any setting chosen by the client, thus obtaining better inputs from all the areas involved: commercial, R&D, production… 

This way, processes are optimized exponentially as changes are noticed in real time and the client can see the to the utmost detail what its improved packaging looks like in virtual reality, thus saving him unnecessary travel, modelmaking or prototype costs. 

80% of the packaged products picked from a shelf will be purchased

Once the previous 4 phases have been reached comes the time to complete the process with an entirely customized solution development and its subsequent launch to market. As your partners, we work with you all the way laying out the most advanced techniques in the market to boost your brand.  

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