Welcome to the Hinojosa Group website. Discover the endless possibilities that exist in the field of packaging with a single interlocutor. We listen to you, we are specialists in finding the right solution for each need, and we focus on providing personalised advice.

Innovation and Service in Packaging Solutions

Why select us

Our commercial team comprises professionals adept in listening and detecting customers’ needs, with technical know-how about the product as well as about the different production processes and printing techniques, to be able to offer you the best solution to your needs.

Thus, the commercial manager can recommend the materials that adapt best to your packaging needs and the most efficient type of printing in agreement with the purpose of your campaign.

Our objective is to give you an excellent service, and to this end, we have innovative tools to support the commercial team: we have just designed our own customer management model (CRM) that incorporates a new customer-related paradigm.

We know that customers evaluate the quality of the service as much as the quality of the product, which is why our after-sales service guarantees your delivery times.

After actively listening to the customer, the commercial manager transfers the packaging needs to the technical office specialised in the required solution. There, the structure, design and printing area professionals prepare the necessary sketches and conduct tests for the optimal configuration of the container.

The product and raw material quality controls, as well as the approvals, are performed at our plant laboratories.

We believe in permanent learning/training to create innovation and improvement opportunities. Our passion for packaging is catching and we take our customers’ products to the top.

All Hinojosa Group plants have a common innovation management system, with committees that work in two lines: generation of improvements with our customers, studying their processes, and creation of an R&D space for barrier-breaking innovation.

Tell us about your packaging need and discover the convenience of having a single interlocutor, from transport packaging to the unit container and the display. We are specialists in your sector.